Teretek® Resin Injection

This hi-tech, advanced and engineered resin injection method delivers both ground improvement and relevelling. Mainmark’s Teretek technology is suitable for geotechnical issues across all infrastructure, residential, industrial, marine and commercial sectors.

resin injection

Hi-tech, advanced and engineered resin injection method delivers both ground improvement and relevelling.

Teretek delivers a non-invasive means of remediation offering minimal intrusion and interruption to the occupants. It is suitable for geotechnical issues across all infrastructure, residential, industrial, marine and commercial sectors:

  • Fast, non-invasive and an overall cleaner alternative to traditional underpinning
  • Suitable for a broad range of buildings and assets from warehouse slabs, houses, highways, rail lines to airport runways 
  • Economic and environmentally responsible
  • 20-year product warranty

resin injection keyhole surgeryTeretek's unique benefit is the unobtrusive way in which it can be delivered. Using a process akin to keyhole surgery, expanding polyurethane resin mix is delivered to the ground via an array of small bore injection tubes. A chemical reaction and consequent expansion occurs as the components mix upon entry to the ground. This reaction and expansion stengthens the ground and buildings are returned to level in a controlled manner. The resultant material forms a strong, long lasting and stable material that is environmentally neutral.

relevelling structuresGround subsidence leads to the need to relevel buildings and concrete slabs, and to enhance the ground bearing capacity underneath structures. The initial signs of subsidence, differential settlement and ground instability, such as cracking in floors, walls, or misaligned doors or windows are often ignored leading to significant and costly damage. The problems can compound if the cause and damage are not treated early.

Mainmark’s Teretek engineered resin injection methodology can help address the cause and the damage before they intensify. For the majority of projects it is not necessary for the building occupants to vacate during the works. Most level correcting of house and / or slabs will be carried out in less than one working day. Treated slabs, roadways and driveways are trafficable within hours of Mainmark completing their treatments. Building on our experience of correcting foundation ground issues and our knowledge of advanced resin injection and grout technologies, Mainmark has developed a proprietary and cost effective methodology for treating the cause and effect of ground subsidence, differential settlement and instability. The Teretek resin injection methodology uses an injection delivery method to raise, relevel, and re-support structures that have suffered the effects of ground subsidence. 

The Teretek method delivers both ground improvement and relevelling. It fills voids, improves the grounds bearing capacity and level corrects, all with no detrimental effects on the environment and at a fraction of the cost of other ground engineering methods such as traditional underpinning. The resin injection application is carefully controlled with continuous level monitoring. Where the conditions permit, the injection is done from outside the building or house. In some instances the injection must be carried out internally. Where this is the case, injection points are strategically positioned to minimise intrusion and the injection tube diameter is kept to a minimum.


Teretek deep-lift
teretek deep lift resin injectionMainmark has been innovating and developing its proprietary structural relevelling and ground improvement technologies for over two decades. Employing our hi-tech methods and controls, engineered resins are introduced to the target soil profile to fill voided spaces and to establish ground bearing capacity improvement and support. Using the controlled force generated by the resin’s chemical reaction and expansion, lifting of ground and supported structure is effected in a planned and controlled manner from deep in the ground. Continuous monitoring of the ground, the structure and its environs is carried out throughout to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.

Teretek void-fill
teretek void fillingTeretek is an ideal application for the filling of voids and re-establishing of support to voided ground. This method can also be applied to other geotechnical issues such as decommissioning of redundant utilities, water sealing, restraint on water movement and filling of other man made voids.



Teretek slab lift
teretek slab lifting
Teretek resin can be used to relevel sunken slabs and to re-support moving slabs in warehouse, driveways, parking areas, garages, hardstand areas, roads and rail lines quickly, accurately and economically. The process generally takes only a few hours and even the heaviest vehicles – forklifts, trucks and airliners – can run smoothly just 30 minutes after injection is completed.