Terefil Lightweight Cement Filling

Terefil application is a technologically advanced, engineered lightweight cementitious based filling product. Suitable for use in a vast range of geotechnical settings, the structural filler is a specialist material ideal for where other filling solutions are too heavy, where there is restricted access to the site or where project timelines are limited.

terefil site work

Lightweight cement based filling options for geotechnical applications

Terefil is a superior and inexpensive alternative to traditional means of voids fill such as aggregate filling. Terefil provides many advantages such as:

  • Suitable for broad range of buildings and assets from mass void fill to pipe decommissioning
  • Delivers a fast and controlled economic outcome
  • Strength and density characteristics can be tailored to meet each individual project deliverables
  • Self-levelling, zero bleed, minimal shrinkage
  • Lightweight material reduces the pressure on retaining walls, bridge approaches, and slip planes

Terefil material is stable and distributes uniformly, allowing for pumping distances much larger than other foam fill products. 

terefil cementCement slurry is mixed together with a designed hydrocarbon foam agent to produce the Terefil product with a proportional dispersion of air bubbles. These air bubbles are encapsulated in the cementitious solution leaving a cellular void structure on setting.

The highly flowable Terefil material can be transported across significant distances, meaning that restricted access issues or the like are easily surmountable.

The pumped material doesn’t require any further treatment, it flows into voided space with less than 0.1%* shrinkage and zero bleed, unlike other conventional means of filling where operative entry, compaction or preloading is required. The Terefil material can be pumped at reduced pumping pressures where it is anticipated that the element for filling may be in a fragile condition, such as damaged pipeline for abandonment.

What applications can Terefil be used for?

The application of Terefil is adaptable and can be used in multiple construction, civil and mining settings, such as:

  • Abandoned pipelines, culverts, reservoirs, tunnels and tanks
  • Mass void fill for landslip or flood wash out repair, abandoned mines and sink holes
  • Backfilling of retaining walls structure
  • Temporary or permanent trench or manhole backfilling
  • Filling of annulor voids
  • An alternative to traditional sub-grades used in the construction of roads, airports and sport facilities
  • As a building platform, sub grade replacement or repair

filling a sewer pipe terefil diagramThe properties of Terefil can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of each project, allowing for variations to the strength and density, making Terefil an ideal product to deliver bespoke engineered results.

The water used in the mixing process is entirely consumed in the hydration process and there is negligible shrinkage and no separation upon curing. Terefil can be placed swiftly and with precision making it a favourable option for limited timeline projects, for example projects requires road closures, emergency works or shut downs.