Mainmark specialises in soil stabilisation and ground stabilisation to improve support for residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, roads and bridges, and other structures such as heritage buildings. 

ground stabilisation

The ground beneath us is constantly shifting. Ground instability generally leads to upward, lateral, or downward movement. During construction, ground instability can cause soil slippage which can be avoided by ground stabilisation prior to excavation for foundations, utility services swimming pools or retaining walls. For an existing structure, ground instability can cause movement of the building or structure, resulting in internal or external wall cracks, inability to open and close windows and doors, sunken floors, and other defects. Ground instability can occor naturally as part of the earth’s constantly shifting crust. It can be exacerbated by issues such as soil compaction, loss or increase of ground moisture, excessive excavation, or erosion. Ground instability causes subsidence and, often, the damage can seem to be reversed as the ground shifts back and forth over time. Without soil stabilisation, damage to buildings, such as wall cracks, are prone to reappear. In infrastructure or at large industrial sites, embankment slippage can be an issue, leading to further erosion and damage.

Mainmark specialises in soil stabilisation and ground stablisation to improve support for residential buildings and homes, commercial and industrial facilities, roads and bridges, and other on-ground structures such as heritage buildings. We treat the ground beneath them to raise, relevel, and re-support these structures.

Benefits of Mainmark’s soil stabilisation methods:

  • Fast, non-invasive and overall cleaner alternative to traditional underpinning
  • Ground stablisation suitable for a broad range of buildings and assets from warehouse slabs, houses, highways, rail lines to airport runways
  • Cost savings and value added outcomes
  • Low carbon footprint methods
  • Environmentally responsible outcomes
  • Minimal extra weight imposed on stressed ground
  • 20-year product warranty