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Public Buildings

Public buildings are often national or civic treasures, buildings of historic value or icons of specially value to the community. Preservation, rather than rebuilding, of such buildings, if they suffer from settlement or instability, is a priority and remedial work of minimal intrusion during the works is of particular value.

public building exterior

Remedial preservation works

Mainmark has built a reputation, second to none, in the remediation works necessary to ensure stable foundations to these buildings for generations to come. These works can be particularly delicate and complex. The integrated computer grouting technique enables gradual correction of level ensuring minimum of damage to, sometimes, fragile masonry, glass and complex steel or concrete structures. Lifts of greater than 500mm are achievable.

In many cases the building can remain populated by the public during the works. Small diameter holes are bored through the ground slabs and foundations to allow the grout injectors to be inserted. Flexible pipework connects these to the computer controlled valves and hence to the grout pumps. Multiple survey points located across the building are continuously monitored by robot survey instruments or laser levels feeding in real time the incremental changes in level to the computer that, in conjunction with the skilled operator, controls the grout pumping and hence the gradual levelling of the structure.