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Many elements of infrastructure can have their life extended by careful relevelling or improvement of the stability of the ground beneath or around them.

power lines

The grouting processes used on infrastructure projects are carried out with the minimum of intervention into the functional operation of the element of infrastructure and in most cases without the need to suspend or reduce the operational process. All the work is carried out with high precision in a minute step-by-step manner using full integration of continuous survey information with the grouting processes.


We stabilise bridges, embankments, retaining walls, culverts and the substrata beneath the track ballast.


We stabilise embankments, retaining walls, correct settlement and lift culverts and bridges back to level.

Utilities Pipework and Culverts

We lift settled underground pipes and culverts to restore the falls necessary for effective operations and repair damages due to flood or erosion.

Powerline Structures

Many existing powerline structures are being required to carry increased loading from additional transmission lines. We stabilise the ground beneath the foundations, enabling increased loading on the structures.


We stablise the foundations of bridges and lift complete bridges. Our maximum lift of a complete bridge to date is 1300mm.