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Commercial Buildings

For most commercial buildings, any time out of use for repair work is loss of revenue and consequential costs to the owner. Mainmark carries out the work of stabilising and relevelling with the minimum of intrusion hence minimising such losses to the owner or occupier.

commercial building exterior

Remediation with minimum occupant disruption

Shopping centres and offices must be fully operational to make money. They can suffer from settlement of their ground bearing slabs, foundations to their structures and uneven settlement of external paved areas. All of these are detrimental to their operation.

Mainmark strengthens foundations to carry higher loads and levels and lifts settled foundations.

Where appropriate, Mainmark supplements sub-soil investigation works by the client, assessing subsoil conditions before and after treatment by measuring the compaction of the subsoil using portable hand operated dynamic penetration measurement devices.

With the minimum of disruption, small diameter holes are bored through the ground slabs and foundations to allow the grout injectors to be inserted. Flexible pipework connects these to computer controlled valves and hence to the grout pumps. Multiple survey points located across the building are continuously monitored by robot survey instruments or laser levels, feeding in real time the incremental changes in level to the computer that, in conjunction with the skilled operator, controls the grout pumping and hence the gradual levelling of the structure.