Mainmark (UK) has specialist skills in foundation stabilisation and levelling in all industry sectors. We have experience in working with our client’s particular needs in each of these fields and are flexible in our approach aiming to satisfy these needs in the best possible way.

row of homes


Homes can suffer from the settlement of concrete ground bearing floor slabs, as well as settlement of the foundations supporting the walls or the stru…

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warehouse staff


Warehouses often suffer from settlement resulting in floor slopes that are unacceptable for automatic high-bay forklift stacking devices and other sim…

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public building exterior

Public Buildings

Public buildings are often national or civic treasures, buildings of historic value or icons of specially value to the community. Preservation, rather…

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commercial building interior

Commercial Buildings

For most commercial buildings, any time out of use for repair work is loss of revenue and consequential costs to the owner. Mainmark carries out the w…

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industrial plant


Industrial complexes and facilities often suffer from settlement, or require foundation stabilisation. Due to changes in the industrial process, they …

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rail track


Many elements of infrastructure can have their life extended by careful relevelling or improvement of the stability of the ground beneath or around th…

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