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Large Residence

This large residence suffered differential settlement of an average 55mm. Mainmark used JOG integrated computer grouting to raise this building back to within 10 mm of its design levels.

large residence relevelling

The Challenge

This house founded on a concrete raft slab foundation was built adjacent to a creek. The water table in the area is high and the sandy sub-soil liquefied during the earthquakes with resultant differential subsidence. The whole house had subsided and tilted. Access to the site was difficult across a light timber bridge over a creek. The aim was to level the building and to lift it back to within 10mm of design levels.

What was done and achieved

Truck-mounted JOG batching and pumping equipment and project control console was dismantled, carried across the bridge and re-assembled in the garage of the house.
The ground floor slab of the house was cored in 56 locations across the slab and injection ports were installed. Continuous slab level monitoring was by laser. The controlled JOG process of injecting high mobility grout was carried out step at a time over several days and an average lift of 55 mm and a maximum lift of 66 mm, at the most subsided location, was achieved.

The project, including establishment and equipment removal, took eleven days. The entire structure was re-levelled to specification.

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