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Commercial Complex

This commercial complex had suffered differential settlement of up to some 178 mm. Using JOG integrated computer grouting, the structure was relevelled successfully, returning the building to design levels, while leaving the neighbouring property unaffected.

commercial complex

The challenge

The task was to raise one of the buildings in this complex evenly without compromising the structure in any way, and so correcting the settlement and relevelling the building.

A particular consideration was the need to avoid moving the next door building that was less than a metre from the back of the affected building.

What was done and achieved

74 JOG injection ports were installed through the concrete foundations. Robotic survey stations were positioned both within the building to be lifted and around the neighbouring building. This allowed monitoring of any movement on the neighbouring building at the same time as monitoring of the gradual lifting of the building being working on.

High mobility grout was injected under the foundations using multi-point JOG integrated computer grouting levelling system and the step by step minutely controlled lifting process lifted the structure without undue stress.

The maximum lift was 178mm and the average lift was 110mm.

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