The Mainmark Group has 26 years international experience of carrying out ground stabilisation and relevelling projects. In recent years the experience with JOG integrated computer grouting has grown with the successful remediation of more and more large, complex and heavy structures. While doing these projects Mainmark continues to successfully remediate individual houses and apartments.

Historic Residential Building

A leaking pipe caused the washout of the soils underlying the historic heavyweight building. As the pipeline was being replaced, significant voids and cavities were encountered.Voids were identified…

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Large Residence

This large residence suffered differential settlement of an average 55mm. Mainmark used JOG integrated computer grouting to raise this building back to within 10 mm of its design levels.

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Christchurch Art Gallery

Earthquakes that hit New Zealand’s South Island in 2010 and 2011 caused severe liquefaction of the ground under the foundations of the recently built Christchurch Art Gallery with consequent uneven …

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Commercial Complex

This commercial complex had suffered differential settlement of up to some 178 mm. Using JOG integrated computer grouting, the structure was relevelled successfully, returning the building to design l…

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Six Storey Apartment Building

Weak sub-soil under a heavyweight concrete 6-storey apartment block in Christchurch had settled after the 2010-2011 earthquakes causing the building to suffer differential settlement of up to 70mm. Th…

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