Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best at solving your structural settlement, subsidence and ground problems with a minimum of disruption to your life or business.

About us

Mainmark Ground Engineering (UK) Ltd [Mainmark (UK)], services projects in the UK and across Europe. 

No single method can provide the solution to every ground engineering problem. Mainmark has developed a wide variety of ground engineering technologies, which have been proven in the UK. 

Our equipment

Our site operations require a relatively small footprint. Generally all plant and equipment is fully self-contained within one or two shipping-type containers or one or two trucks. Alternatively equipment can be removed and relocated inside or alongside a subject structure. For all but the simplest projects, computer control involves fully integrated, robotic survey stations.

In the absence of third party contractors, we can assess sub-soil conditions before and after restoration by using portable hand-operated dynamic penetration devices, without need for vehicle access.

Our materials 

Mainmark (UK) technologies are built on the strength, longevity and certainty of cement and resin grouts.

UK Management

Mainmark (UK) is managed by Rod Macdonald.  

Rod Macdonald

Rod Macdonald OBE

Rod is a chartered civil and structural engineer with more than 40 years’ experience working on buildings and infrastructure in the UK and international construction industry.