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Reliable. Practical. Safe. Accurate. Economical.

Relevelling subsidence in buildings and structures.

Ground stabilisation.

Our solutions are the key-hole surgery of construction. You can continue using the building or structure while we repair subsidence and settlement problems.

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Mainmark has specialist skills in foundation stabilisation and levelling in all industry sectors

Mainmark Ground Engineering - Here to help you

Mainmark Ground Engineering is here to help you solve your subsidence, settlement and ground stabilisation challenges.

We can repair cracks in buildings, slabs of warehouses that have sunk and are uneven, ground that is not strong or stable enough to support foundations, highways or railways.

Whether you are a home owner or responsible for complex structures, roads or railways we have years of experience solving such challenges using our key hole surgery approach. Our processes involve the minimum intrusion into your life or business.

We do not use heavy equipment to cut away major parts of your building. We solve your problem by drilling small diameter holes through your ground slab or foundation to install our grout injection tubes. Clients can remain in their homes or carry on their business with the minimum of disturbance.

We use cement and resin grouts injected and controlled by the most advanced computer controlled pumping and monitoring systems. Having this range of Ground Engineering materials and processes in our portfolio, we are in the position to evaluate the best way to solve your challenge. We do not just sell you a single product to suit ourselves.

We specialise in settlement and subsidence repair. We relevel structures and buildings and stabilise ground in situations where others can’t, don’t or won’t!

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